Japanese Woman looking for Marriage

Many Americans and Europeans who choose to marry Japanese women for marriage talk about how amazing they are. Indeed, the differences from other girls are not only in the exotic appearance or completely different languages.

The main thing that grooms admire is that Japanese women marry forever and happily become traditional keepers of the hearth. A local wife shows her man love and respect, always emphasizing that he is the head of the family. And she very much appreciates his attention, all his efforts, and care for the family.


The Secret of Beautiful Japanese Women for Marriage

The everyday motto of Japanese mail order brides is to die young but as late as possible. Japanese single women have followed this ancient wisdom for thousands of years and have carefully carried through generations the secrets of exquisite timeless beauty.

To this day, many Japanese ladies for marriage look considerably younger than they actually are. It causes a vivid interest and even outright envy of their Western counterparts. So what are the main secrets of Japanese women for sale that allow them to attract the rapt attention of young men even at the age of 50?

The Pale Skin of Japanese Women for Marriage

Whereas pallor in Europe was perceived as a sign of poor health, in japan white skin has long been considered a privilege of the rich and high-ranking people. The desire of women for marriage from japan to achieve perfect whiteness at any cost led to the emergence of the Meibai cult.

The main enemy of white skin is the sun. To protect from it, Japanese girls for marriage traditionally use umbrellas, gloves, and wide hats and try to stay in the shade in clear weather.

Any Local Girl for Marriage is Into Tea

Skin problems are often just an indicator of incorrect intestinal function and increased body intoxication. That’s why one of the secrets of the ideal skin of single Japanese ladies is their traditional love for green and herbal tea, famous for its ability to remove toxins. They also like to drink water, natural lemonades, and milkshakes. Naturally, without added sugar.

These Ladies Are Early Birds

In the opinion of experts, keeping to the daily routine also contributes to prolonging one’s youth. The Japanese are quite disciplined in this respect and observe the rules they instilled in their childhood throughout their lives: getting up early, finding time for an afternoon nap, eating according to the schedule, eating most of the daily norms for lunch. All this helps the body recover at night and generously produce energy during the day. This helps the body eliminate stress and slows down the aging process.

Single Japanese Women Against Wrinkles

Women for marriage from japan do not suffer from the problem of wrinkles, which plagues their Western companions in the fight against aging. Nothing gives away the real numbers in the passport, like the treacherous wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead. While women in Europe and America disguise themselves with Botox and collagen, Japanese women to marry simply follow the precepts of their wise ancestors.

Marriage on Women from Japanese Families: Their Role

The main role in the family is now that of a woman. The role of women in the Japanese family is gradually changing, a process that has not yet been completed. On the one hand, traditions, whereby daughters and wives are essentially servants and do only household chores, are still strong.

On the other hand, Japanese bride for marriage now have the opportunity to monitor their health (including reproductive health) and to participate in making important family decisions. This transformation is especially noticeable in large cities, where family life is often managed by a japan bride. Men are also involved in household chores: they buy groceries, take care of the house and children. They are satisfied with everything.

In addition, Japanese women often practice yoga and meditation, which can help to improve circulation and promote relaxation. All of these factors may contribute to the radiant complexions of Japanese women. Another theory is that Japanese women simply have good genes. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that mail order bride from Japan make some of the most desirable wives in the world.

The Unusual Traits of Japanese Women Looking for Marriage

Local Bride Cooks by Herself a Lot

Compared to other countries, they spend much more time, on average 2-3 hours a day, on cooking. The country’s socio-economic growth is gradually changing the way people live: People in big cities are increasingly eating out. However, in rural families, the tradition of division of responsibilities is still strong, and Japanese women for marriage are responsible for preparing meals for numerous household members.

Local Ladies Will Never Dress in Brevity

Instead of adopting “boring” fashion from Europeans, the Japanese create their trends. Local designers are inspired by traditional culture and successfully enter the international market. Japanese women for marriage are in constant search, as indicated by the huge variety of fashion trends.

Playing with silhouettes and bright accents are very popular trends in japan. Monochrome white dresses, lavender shades, flared pants seized the city streets. Zest in the image is very appreciated. For example, transparent sleeves made of thin fabric and large bright accessories are now at the peak of popularity. If you want to meet Japanese ladies, then you can spot them by those clothing traits.

The Habit of Covering the Mouth

In many cases, a Japanese mail-order bride covers their mouths when they laugh. Traditionally, a woman who laughed loudly and with her mouth open was considered rude. Modern Japanese women for marriage also cover their mouths when laughing, as their mothers and grandmothers did.

How to Meet Japanese Women for Marriage

As we know, there are far fewer girls than men in japan. After all, they are the most sought-after brides in the world. It is said that finding a Japanese wife is almost impossible. This should not discourage you, as today we will look at several simple steps to marrying a Japanese girl. Do you want to find Asian wife? If so, there are a few things you should know before tying the knot.


It’s time to get dressed. You do not have to wear a tuxedo, but high-quality and preferably “branded” clothing is very important. Do not forget about accessories – watches, bracelets, and so on. Trust us, when you meet Japanese ladies, it will pique their attention.

Online Dating

There is, for example, a wonderful application for your smartphone called MarryU. The app costs a bit of money, but it’s a great start to meet Japanese girl. There you can find detailed descriptions – height to millimeters, weight to grams, hair color, etc., etc. And most importantly – how much money a man earns, what job he has, what kind of car he has, whether he has a place to live – everything is as detailed as possible. Japanese women for marriage go there with one goal in mind – to find a husband.

The simplest variant is to use the aid of a Japanese wife agency. You explain your interests to them, pay for their services, and then they do everything they can to help you buy Japanese wife. They can even organize a perfect date for you if the girl of your interest does match your tastes. The only thing to keep in mind here is to avoid online scams. You might find a Japanese brides agency that is just there to take your money. Be wary of that, and always check where the agency is trustworthy.

Trying to find Japanese brides on the street is simple. Approach the girl you like and just ask her Wechat. If she agrees (which is likely), you can add her and plan the next stage to marry Japanese girl. You might also try asking your acquaintances. Ask them how to find a Japanese wife. If they recommend you to someone, then the guarantee of success is extremely high.

When it comes to finding a life partner, there are a lot of factors to consider. For many people, cultural background is an important consideration. If you’re interested in Chinese dating, then you’ll want to know more about the beautiful and talented Japanese women who are also looking for marriage partners. Japanese women are known for their grace and elegance, and they make excellent wives and mothers. If you’re looking for someone who will be supportive and loving, then a Japanese woman could be the perfect match for you. So Japanese dating isn’t just about finding someone with a similar background – it’s also about finding someone who shares your values and who will make a great life partner. With that in mind, why not Japanese dating today? You could find the perfect match for you.


This is the most important stage of the relationship. Do not immediately invite someone to the cinema or a restaurant! Be sure to start with correspondence in WeChat or through dating agencies. Talk about simple things. Ask her about the mood, the food, the job, etc. This messaging to your Japanese mail order bride can last for a while, but don’t give up. Just don’t stop writing every day. If she constantly answers that she is busy, there is no time, her phone sits down — find a japan wife that is actually into you.

It is very important to compliment your date when messaging. Tell her about her beauty, intellect or try beauty again. She is likely to show you her pics with many great selfies. Continue to talk and admire her beauty.

Dating Japanese Mail Order Brides

This stage can take place in a day or two months after acquaintance. Invite her to a movie, to a cafe, for a walk in the park. Don’t take her to drink booze with friends in a club, etc. Behave normally on a date, do not be shy. Insist on paying in full for two, even if she insists on sharing it.

Do not forget to compliment her beautiful outfit and makeup (or the lack of thereof). At this point, you become a “best friend” or a “good friend”. This is NOT a friendzone — just another phase of the “best friend” relationship. Develop your relationship further on, she will insist on meeting more often. Remember to text her daily.


Be sure to give gifts. Do not give iPhones. Here’s a tip, imagine that she is 16 years old (though she may be 30 already) and give appropriate gifts like flowers, soft toys, etc. This is the best option. Japanese women for marriage are like children for their entire lives. They love cute little gifts and compliments.

If she asks for gold and phones — forget about this girl. Look for another one right away, and do not waste time.

Welcoming Her Home

The climax. Up to this point, it’s not advisable to try to kiss her. At some point after the date, invite her to your house. Remember to clean it up. She might also invite you to her place under some pretext. As a rule, as soon as the door closes — the girl changes dramatically. There is a peculiarity here. If she agreed to meet you at her place or your place — this means that she already agreed to everything. Otherwise, she would have just refused. When you enter either of the houses, kiss her. You can count on something more, just follow her rhythm. If nothing happens, then worry not. Sex will be the next time.

Final Thoughts About Dating Japanese Woman for Marriage

We’ve looked at a simplified version of developing a serious relationship with a Japanese woman. Of course, everyone has their own stories, we can talk about mixed marriages for a very long time. It is important to understand that the final future of your relationship will depend on how you get closer in character. If you follow our advice, you are very likely to marry the girl of your dreams. Remember that Japanese women for marriage may have very different views on life from yours. Respect these views, love your wife, and she will never let you out of her soft pale hands.

So What’s the secret of women for marriage? It’s simple really: they know how to make a man feel special. In short, they know how to strike the perfect balance between being loving and independent. And that’s exactly the kind of wife that every man wants. Mail order bride possess all the qualities that men desire in a wife. They are beautiful, loving, and devoted. But more importantly, they know how to make their husbands feel like the most important man in the world. That’s the secret of women for marriage. And it’s one that every man should try to find.

Frequently Asked Questions About an Average Japanese Girl for Marriage

At What Age Do Japanese Women Get Married?

According to statistics, Japanese women are postponing marriage. Beginning in 1990 and ending in 2016, the average age of Japanese women’s first marriage has risen from 22 to 25. At this point, japan’s economy is well developed, and women want to spend more time alone. Finding a husband and starting a family takes a lot of energy, so girls want to gain experience first and then make wise decisions.

Are Japanese Mail-Order Brides Legal?

Yes, marrying a Japanese mail-order bride is allowed, but only under certain circumstances. Before getting married, you must first meet in real life. Second, you must each decide whether or not to marry. Third, by the time your bride immigrated to your home country, you must have obtained a K-1 visa for her.

How Much Does a Japanese Wife Cost?

To get a Japanese mail-order bride, males often spend between $3,000 and $20,000. This Japanese bride price includes anything from a premium subscription on a dating site and additional communication services to visa fees, plane tickets, and lodging when you eventually meet in person.